Massoume Price and Zohreh Waibel conceived the concept of Culture of Iran Series in 2006. Books with high quality images for young readers and general public on Iranian culture and history. In 2008 the first book in the series, Ancient Iran, a pictorial history for young readers was published. Ancient Iran received excellent reviews from School Library Journals in USA and Australia and was featured on PBS for Rick Steve’s Iran Fundraiser Program. The book also won the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award in 2009. In 2012, four new releases from this series were published that cover history, culture and arts of Iran for young readers and the general public.

Zohreh and Joachim Waibel are the primary sponsors of the Culture of Iran Series. They have purchased and donated hundreds of copyrighted images to the project. They also sponsored the photographing of museum objects in Iran. Joachim Waibel’s unique and priceless collection of first edition books published in Europe was made available for the project. Many unique photo plates some 400 years old from original first edition books and plates were scanned and made available for the project. Zohreh Waibel was also involved in the design of the Iran: 5000 Years of Clothing, Jewellery and Cosmetics, which was designed by her son, Babak Manavi.


Massoume Price: A social anthropologist educated in Iran and England, has been writing on Iranian culture for many years. Her book Iran’s Diverse Peoples published by ABC CLIO in 2005 was reviewed as a “must read: by Patrick Clawson from Middle East Quarterly in spring 2007 and received an equally good review from School Library Journal. She has been a speaker at a number of functions and organizations such as the “Center for Iranian Research and Analysis” (CIRA) at the University of Toronto and the Anthropology Museum in Vancouver. Her informative website www.cultureofiran.com is used extensively by individuals and institutions for information on Iranian culture. She has been interviewed by CBC radio and CTV and has been a guest on Fanny Kiefer’s popular talk show, Studio 4 on Shaw cable. She has been extensively involved in organizing lectures, concerts, exhibitions and facilitating exchange and interaction between the Iranians and the Canadian community at large. She was a commissioner on the Board of Vancouver Museum until 2006 and an advisor for the North Shore Arts Council in North Vancouver until 2008. She has also served as a director for many years on the Board of Canadian Iranian Foundation.

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