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Cyrus The Great

The Making of the Persian Empire
Product ID: AN006
Author: Massoume Price
Publisher: Anahita Productions
USD 25.00

The first book of its kind. Cyrus the Great (c. 559-530 BCE) founded the Achaemenid Dynasty, the first major world empire. Often known as the Persian Empire, it extended from Egypt to the Indus River. The empire at its height included Greece, Cyprus, Macedonia, Turkey, Armenia, Caucasia, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Israel and the Persian Gulf states. Greek and Roman historians wrote extensively about Cyrus. The most important texts about his life and times are by the Greek historian Herodotus (d. 430 or 420). Xenophon composed a book called Cyropaedia, or the Education of Cyrus. Xenophon’s Cyropaedia was read extensively by politicians, soldiers, academics, and rulers for centuries. Xenophon shows Cyrus as a kind, righteous and tolerant monarch who tried to use persuasion when possible-rather than force-to expand his empire. This pictorial history aimed for young readers covers Cyrus’ life, legacy, the formation of the Persian Empire and the legends about his life.


Cover Type Hard Cover
Dimensions 6.6 x 9.1 Inches
No. Of Pages 48 Pages
ISBN 978-0980971460
Release Date Apr 2013
Target Reader 8+ Years


ISBN-10 0980971462

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